Wheel Regrooving & Resurfacing



Wheels are a major investment of your setup.  Resurrection is proud to offer regrooving and resurfacing as a method of extending the life of your wheels.   Mr. Danny Beavers is known as the best in the business.  

Allow us to restore your skate wheels back to their original or better performance.  Our  tool of choice is a purpose built lathe for precision wheel restoration.

We align both bearing bores perfectly to ensure a perfectly round wheel every time (unless of course you have a blemish wheel where the bearing bores are misaligned from the factory). Most machines used today attach the wheel using the rear bearing bore only.

The lack of support in the front allows for a certain amount of “deflection” while cutting the wheel (especially in today’s popular nylon/plastic hub wheels). This causes wheels to be slightly out of round. Cutting Urethane is an art! Urethane flexes and moves around as you cut it.

Most quad wheel restoration services in use today are NOT cutting the urethane! They are ripping and tearing the urethane in a uniform manner. An easy way to spot this is color and texture. If you notice when your wheels are new the whole wheel is “shiny”, even the grooves.  If the base of the groove does not match the rest of the wheel there is a problem. The grooves should be shiny and smooth without debris in the base of the grooves. When you CUT urethane properly it has its own texture that will provide grip whether you cut a groove in the wheel or cut it as smooth as a baby’s behind.  Not all wheels need “grooves” to grip.

Every wheel is different and requires its own attention when cutting. There is NO such thing as a cookie cutter “bit” to cut wheels. We have our own custom ground “library” of bits to accommodate any wheel.  By the way, the regrooved wheel is on the left.