Skating 101

No previous skating skills are required. Skating 101 will teach you the fundamentals of skating, including posture, stride, crossovers, starts and stops including suicide stops, t-stops, and plow stops. Training can be 1 on 1 or with a group at the location of your choice. We want to encourage you every step of the way and be here to answer any questions you have. We work with all leagues within and outside of DFW, including WFTDA, MRDA, JRDA, and apprentice leagues. What sets us apart? We have 8+ years experience in a WFTDA member league and have skated around the country representing Dallas. Our goal is to teach you the basics so you can move on to the Minimum Skills Requirements.

Minimum Skills Requirements

Each WFTDA Member League that enters into a WFTDA-sanctioned game must designate a league member who is responsible for verifying that every skater in the game meets all of the skill requirements listed below. Passing the WFTDA Skater Rules Test is also part of the minimum skills requirement. Member leagues are responsible for determining frequency of re-assessment based on league skaters’ experience and skill level. Requirements include Basic Skating Skills, Recovery Tactics, Balance & Agility, Pack Skills & Interactions, and Blocking. For additional information, visit WFTDA.

Equipment Maintenance and Consulting

We love everything about skating from the physical aspect all the way to our equipment. You could say we’re addicted to our sport. Let us help you select your first pair of skates or your dream setup. We will help you find the right size, the right brand for your foot type. Then let us teach you everything from changing out your wheels, cleaning your bearings and where to get the best deals. Did we mention that we sell gently used, top of the line equipment?

Targeted Training

You’ve got the basics down, you’ve passed minimum skills and now you’re ready to work on the specifics. Do you fancy yourself a blocker, a pivot, a jammer? Or perhaps you’re a triple threat. Let us challenge you to unleash your potential – both mentally and physically. We will break each position down, the importance of each position and hone in on those strengths and challenge you to push yourself to be the best skater you can be. It’s a journey, each season we will be there to encourage you along the way.